Maximize Your SaaS ROI

Save on SaaS spend with Torii’s cost-saving insights and recommendations:

  • Discover and act on hidden SaaS apps in your portfolio
  • Managed & unmanaged spend in one place
  • Eliminate surprise renewals and right-size contracts
  • Automatically reclaim and downgrade past, unused, and underutilized  licenses

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Managed & Unmanaged Spend - In One Place

Discover SaaS license spend across your sanctioned and Shadow IT portfolio by connecting multiple sources such as ERP, etc

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Managed & Unmanaged Spend - All in one Place - Torii
Measure App ROI - Torii

Measure App ROI

Get the complete picture by combining license cost data with user adoption data to maximize your SaaS impact and ROI

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Auto License Reclamation - Torii

Auto License Reclamation

Instantly recover wasted licenses and program automated custom license reclamation rules with advanced workflows

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The biggest difference from an IT management perspective is that I have complete visibility of the apps we use as a company. Ensuring that we are not overspending on SaaS, means we can retain a lean operation, which benefits our company and our customers.

João Dobbin, Senior Manager of Business Operations - Torii
João Dobbin
Manager of Business Enablement

Immediate SaaS Savings on Day One

All the ways to save are instantly surfaced based on historical data retroactively

Immediate SaaS Savings on Day One - Torii

📌 Do you have control over your SaaS Spend? 

Adopting SaaS applications is essential for any company. But, unfortunately, so is adopting their costly subscriptions. 

With each company managing hundreds of SaaS apps, manually optimizing every license and subscription leads to expensive oversights like unused apps, underutilized and abandoned licenses, redundant tech, and overpriced subscriptions. Not to mention all of hundreds of thousands of dollars of SaaS costs currently hiding in Shadow IT apps. 

That’s where SaaS Spend Management Software comes in… 


💰 Automate SaaS Spend Management with Torii!

SaaS spend management software like Torii makes maximizing your SaaS ROI a breeze with actionable recommended actions for significant license management and cost savings. 

Gain a unified view all of your SaaS costs, including Shadow IT,  and act on cost-saving insights and recommendations to quickly…

  • 👉 Downgrade underutilized licenses 
  • 👉 Reclaim past users’ licenses 
  • 👉 Remove and/or reassign unused licenses 
  • 👉 Eliminate redundant tech 
  • 👉 Right-size contracts
  • 👉 And much more!

This, plus Torii’s advanced discovery, automation, and renewal management capabilities empowers IT professionals to manage the entire SaaS lifecycle competently and confidently. 

Learn how Torii, a leading SaaS Spend Management Platform, can help maximize your SaaS ROI while cutting costs.  

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