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  • Discover the true number of SaaS tools in your tech stack and understand how they are being used
  • Reduce spend with AI-powered spend insights
  • Free IT from manual tasks by creating no-code workflows
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Gain Visibility Into Your Tech Stack in Real-Time

Gain full visibility into your company’s technology stack and software licenses. Know which SaaS tools are actually being used and who’s using them in real-time.

Gain Visibility Into Your Tech Stack in Real-Time - Torii
Utilize AI-Powered Spend Insights to Reduce Costs - Torii

Utilize AI-Powered Spend Insights to Reduce Costs

Connect to identity management systems, ERPs, HR systems, and finance and expenses software to map and track your software spend. Get automated spend insights and threshold alerts that highlight opportunities to reduce costs.


Create Automated Workflows Using A Drag-and-Drop Workflow Builder

Specify triggers and actions to create fully automated workflows for all of your internal processes — no code needed. Save time on managing your licenses, contracts, app accesses, and employee lifecycle workflows.

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Torii transformed our employee onboarding and offboarding. We’ve reduced IT hours spent on offboarding by 75%.

João Dobbin, Senior Manager of Business Operations - Torii
João Dobbin
Manager of Business Enablement

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