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We are hiring

Torii is looking for a senior full stack software engineer to join our team, build new features and impact the future of our company.

We are looking for passionate software engineers who get the job done and are willing to learn and do what it takes to solve engineering and product problems in order to create delightful products together.

About Torii

Torii is a fast-growing, VC-funded startup in the new category of SaaS Management. We’re fortunate to be backed by top-notch VCs, and to have a stellar customer roster including companies such as Twitch, Delivery Hero, Pipedrive, TypeForm, and monday.com.

We’re aiming to be the market leader in our nascent category by helping IT leaders solve new and growing challenges their companies face managing SaaS applications and internal tools.

Who are you?

You are a team player who can work with us to create a great company with emphasize on amazing culture, high software engineering standards and fast iterations. Someone who enjoys being a generalist working on both the frontend and backend.

  • You have a few years of experience building web applications from end to end
  • You are proficient with backend development (preferably Node.js)
  • You've built web apps with a frontend framework (preferably React)
  • A CS degree is not mandatory, but good CS fundamentals will help you do the work well

Why us?

  • We’re aiming big — being the market leader in our category, and are well positioned to do so.
  • We put a huge focus on software engineering - do things right, testing, best coding practices. We want to be proud in our code no less than in our product.
  • Our customers love our product - we build products with high emphasize on user experience and design. We look for constant feedback from our customers, and take decision based on data.
  • We believe in empowerment and accountability. You’ll have a lot of freedom to influence on the future of the company.
  • Work life balance - we aim for the long run. Burning the night oil won’t let us survive the challenges of a startup.
  • We offer competitive salary and generous equity.

Our tech stack

We're pioneers in the Serverless computing space, being one of the first companies to go 100% server free. In practice, this means more building, less maintaining.

We love JavaScript (well, most of it...) and use it both on the front-end and back-end.

The current tech stack includes:

  • Serverless computing — utilizing AWS Lambda and AWS Gateway to the max
  • AWS
  • MySQL and Elasticsearch
  • Frontend — React, Redux and CSS-in-JS
  • Backend — Node.js