Mind the Gaps:

Fixing the Ignored Problems of SaaS Management

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Is your technical debt at a breaking point?

Join Global IT Director Gil Hananya as he shares insider tips on uncovering hidden gaps in your SaaS management and reveals strategies to build scalable, comprehensive processes. In this eye-opening webinar, Gil will demonstrate effective workflows, highlight critical issues you might be missing, and provide actionable solutions to optimize your SaaS management.

Attendees will learn how to: 

Identify overlooked requirements: Learn about common gaps in SaaS management processes, from onboarding to offboarding, and how to address them.

Build scalable processes: Discover how to create and refine process maps to identify bottlenecks, challenge unnecessary steps, and leverage automation.

Evolve SaaS management practices: Understand the importance of systematically updating SaaS management processes to align with new business goals and technologies.

Your Presenters

Gil Hananya
Global IT Director, Torii
John Baker
Content and Digital Strategy, Torii

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Torii is the SaaS Management Platform built for IT. It empowers businesses to discover, optimize, and automate their entire SaaS stack.

Trusted by leading organizations and recognized as the top-rated SMP by G2 for SaaS Ops and SaaS Spend Management, Torii offers a centralized platform for managing SaaS applications, contracts, and spending, driving cost savings and efficiency. Its open API and developer community allow for customization and integration with other systems, ensuring a tailored solution for every organization.

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