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  • Take Control of Your SaaS Expenses: See your complete SaaS portfolio and costs in one place. No more surprises or hidden expenses.
  • Identify and Eliminate Waste: Stop overspending on unused or redundant software. Torii’s insights pinpoint areas for optimization.
  • Right-Size Your Renewals: Make informed decisions when renewing subscriptions. Choose the perfect fit for your needs.
  • Maximize Your SaaS ROI: Optimize your software ecosystem, streamline processes, and boost productivity.


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Centrally manage your all of your Atlassian products with automatic discovery, Shadow IT alerts, and unified usage & license data
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Optimize License Spend

Cut wasted spend on underutilized and past user licenses with actionable, cost-saving insights and recommendations

Automate User Lifecycles

Easily onboard, offboard, and approve users’ application requests with automatic Jira ticket creation, continuous monitoring, and alerts
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Atlassian Renewals - Torii

Right-Size Renewals

Only pay for what you need with unified contract and license insights, side-by-side product comparisons, a dynamic renewal calendar and alerts

Secure Your Sensitive Data

Enforce governance across your organization with automatic discovery, alerts, and ticket creation for Shadow IT with rich data insights
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“With Torii, we could finally see every single SaaS tool we were using in the company. It enabled us to review their popularity and usage, determine which applications were redundant and which ones we could cut down.”

Ron Peres

Sr. Director, Global Corporate IT & Information Systems at Payoneer

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