Gain Visibility and Control Your SaaS Spend in Nine Steps


As companies increasingly rely on SaaS applications, it becomes harder for IT teams, procurement leaders, and CFOs to keep track of the licenses and subscriptions being used by employees.

And let’s face it. This lack of control and visibility has a big impact on cost, efficiency, compliance and security.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to take control of your SaaS costs and vendor management. 

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Your Guide to Getting Your SaaS Costs Under Control

Do you find yourself asking how many SaaS tools you have across the organization, who uses them and – most importantly – what this means from a financial, compliance and security standpoint? This drip-drip of spending by employees on SaaS applications that were likely not sanctioned by IT can result in mounting costs.

Widespread SaaS adoption drives the need for IT teams to streamline all cloud-based tools circulating in their organization.

This is where SaaS management tools come in.

Your Guide to Getting Your SaaS Costs Under Control

SaaS Management 2.0 is Here

Hear the keynote from our CEO about about the groundbreaking update to Torii and what it means for IT management today.