Are You Embracing, or Simply Tolerating the New Normal


With the changes brought on by the pandemic and the shift to remote work, we wanted to better understand if companies and IT teams were struggling or thriving with the new way to work.

In this report, we surveyed 100 tech leaders to understand:

  • How leadership’s view on technology has evolved
  • How IT’s role within the organization has changed
  • What IT teams were doing to adapt to the “new” normal

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Inside look

Embracing the New Normal

Did you know that 55% of IT pros reported making exceptions to security protocols for SaaS Applications? Find out why that happens and more inside this report.

Inside look

Embracing the New Normal

SaaS Management 2.0 is Here

Hear the keynote from our CEO about about the groundbreaking update to Torii and what it means for IT management today.