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Agent-Less Desktop Discovery

Introducing Risk-Free Visibility

Whether in the Cloud, desktop, shadow or sanctioned – uncovering your software is a juggling act, and traditional tools just don’t cut it.

That’s where Torii steps in. Our agent-less desktop discovery isn’t just another tool; it’s a game-changer.

Imagine getting a crystal-clear view of your software landscape, minus the security headaches and routine maintenance of desktop agents. We’re talking about smarter decisions, streamlined management, and top-notch security, all through Torii’s slick, agent-less desktop discovery.

Dive into our session and see how we’re flipping desktop discovery on its head – easy, secure, and totally in control.

  • Ditch Agents, Embrace the Future: Discover the freedom of agent-less desktop discovery – it’s all the insight, none of the risk.
  • Discover Everything, Miss Nothing: Get the lowdown on every software in your tech stack, whether it’s hiding in the cloud or chilling on-prem. Total visibility, zero blind spots.
  • Cut Costs, Not Corners: Unearth those sneaky, unused licenses and reallocate resources like a pro. Save money without breaking a sweat.

Join us on April 10th at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET.

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Steve D’Sa, Distinguished Solutions Engineer
John Baker, Sr. Manager Content and Digital Strategy

On_Demand Webinar

Agent-Less Desktop Discovery

Introducing Risk-Free Visibility

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