2022 SaaS Visibility and Impact Report

New Study Finds That 69% of Tech Executives Say Shadow IT is Top Security Concern

Ever since Covid, organizations, and more specifically IT, have experienced a transition. They’ve become more agile, quickly adapting to remote and hybrid work models, while combating new and increasingly pressing security and compliance risks.

Notably, this shift to remote work and the rise in security concerns are connected. As teams became increasingly decentralized and remote, they relied more on cloud applications – or SaaS – to accomplish their work.

But, the full extent of COVID’s impact on SaaS-centric organizations has largely remained unknown.

That’s why Torii partnered with Pulse to survey 100 technology executives to find out just how much the pandemic, and SaaS, has impacted their day-to-day tasks and IT strategies.

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In this report, you'll find:

Top 5 ways the pandemic impacted IT
How leadership views the role of technology within the company
The top security concerns with relation to SaaS
The tools organizations are using to reduce exposure to security threats

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